Today, life is very different for Victor Lopez than it was in 1978, which was the year he arrived to Bakersfield, California at the age of 16. "Both my father and my grandfather worked in the fields," recalls Victor about his family life, which was far from ideal. "My grandfather was my foundation and inspiration. I was able to come to the U. S. to get ahead and have a better life." Victor realized he would be capable of more in life by committing to make a change. With no delay, Victor found work in the restaurant field and continued to acquire experience in various restaurant roles and settings. It was while working at El Torito, a Mexican restaurant chain, where Victor discovered his passion and decided to pursue his desire to serve the community in the restaurant industry.

In 1990, Victor decided it was time rise to the next level, and opened his first and very own full service restaurant, El Adobe Mexican Restaurant. Twenty years later, with much prayer and faith, Victor decided to sell his business and venture on a different concept.

During the transition, Victor discovered in himself a new vision and intention: to offer healthy Mexican food, as fresh and as convenient as possible. The new vision came to fruition as Victor’s Mexican Grill, established in June of 2011. With each customer served, this new adventure has been worth every moment, and everyone is excited to see how God will bless Victor’s Mexican Grill and our community in the future.

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